Levitra Original 20mg


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  • Effect: up to 8 hours after ingestion
  • active substance  : Vardenafil
  • dosage: 20mg
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Generic Levitra What kind of product is that ?

Levitra is the trade name of the power agent Vardenafil. It is used in adult men who have problems getting a sufficiently erect penis or maintaining an erection. Vardenafil, the active ingredient in Levitra, helps treat erectile dysfunction. It is used for the purpose of treating impotence. Many patients who have taken the drug Vardenafil in the past, reported that they have set harder erections. Also the sexual experience ability has increased extremely. Above all, erectile dysfunctions that have set in due to additional health factors have been alleviated.

How does Levitra Generic work ?

An erection occurs when the blood vessels of the penis widen and the cavernous bodies are filled with blood. If the blood vessels become narrower again, this leads to a drop in pressure in the penis and the erection stops. The body needs the enzyme phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5) to initiate this constriction of the blood vessels and thus the decay of the erection. Levitra inhibits this enzyme. This has the consequence that one Erection easier brought about can and can harder. Contrary to popular belief, an erection under phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors does not last longer than desired. It also needs a sexual arousal to trigger an erection.

Levitra has the same starting point in the body as Viagra, namely the inhibition of phosphodiesterase-5. However, the Levitra active ingredient differs. The Viagra active ingredient is called Sildenafil and is chemically related to Vardenafil, the active ingredient of Levitra.

According to this relationship, the European Association of Urology has come to the conclusion that Levitra has a similar erection-promoting effect as Viagra.

In addition, a study published in 2005 concludes that Levitra can still be effective if there is no significant improvement in erectile dysfunction under Viagra shows. In summary, the study notes that Levitra is a fundamentally safe and effective treatment option for erectile dysfunction. In addition, Levitra can be proven also in diabetics act.

Generic Levitra is prohibited for men :

  • high blood pressure
  • Vardenafil allergy
  • in a hereditary disease of the retina (retina of the eye). This is based on the structure and function of the cells
  • with simultaneous treatment with other power resources
  • at low blood pressure (hypotension)
  • in a permanent erection (priapism)
  • with an anatomical deformation of the penis
  • in severe diseases of the heart and circulation
  • in severe liver and kidney dysfunction

Taking :

Take one pill of Levitra Generic 30 minutes before the sexual intercourse. Use with alcoholic beverages is not prohibited. After taking greasy food (chips, fried potatoes, meat dishes, etc.), the medicine will start to work later. This must be considered when taking the medicine. When planning a romantic date, it is best to leave it with a light dinner. The duration of action of the drug is 8 hours after ingestion.

Side effects

  • Redness of the skin and flushing sensation (flush)
  • a headache
  • Over-excitability of the stomach (stomach pressure, feeling of fullness, nausea, heartburn, premature satiety, vomiting (occasionally) and upper abdominal pain)
  • Nasal congestion
  • Vision problems (occasionally)
  • Hypersensitivity of the skin to sunlight (photosensitivity) (occasionally)
  • high blood pressure (occasionally)
  • dizziness

How to order Levitra Generic and how long will the delivery take ?

To order, please add the desired product to the cart, fill in a light form. You only enter your delivery address and email address. Then our team will process your order and you will receive the order information within 30 minutes to your email address. If you need advice, our customer service is available via email / whatsapp.

Where will Levitra be shipped from?

All our goods are shipped within EU. Delivery time is 4-7 working days.

How is it going with the payment ?

You can pay on account +9 Euro (after receipt of the goods) or in advance +0 Euro.

Levitra Original 20mg
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